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    來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 16:49:57

    基金項目:教育部高等學校博士學科點專項科研基金(20100031120044);中央高校基本科研業務費專項資金(65011251);國家自然科學基金(81200158) 作者簡介:孟祥智(1988-),女,研究生在讀,主要研究方向:腫瘤干細胞 通信聯系人:范艷(1982-),女,講師,主要研究方向:醫學化學.

    A chemical approach to inducing differentiation of 15 embryonic stem cells
    Meng Xiangzhi, Zhou Wei, Liu Yanhua, Li Zongjin, Fan Yan
    (Medical School of Nankai University, TianJin 300071)
    Abstract: Embryonic stem cells (ES) represent potentially unlimited source for all types of specialized cells and are ideally suited for studies of differentiation and early embryonic development. They may provide an unlimited cell source for cell replacement therapy. This requires an improved ability to manipulate stem cell differentiation. Several small molecules have been recently identified that can be used to selectively control ES cell fate. The development of chemical approach provides various functional small molecules for stem cell differentiation. In this review, how small molecule compounds regulate direct differentiation of stem cells is presented.
    Key words: Embryonic stem cell; Small molecule; Induce; Differentiation